Logbo Looms Large

Nov 9, 2014

Alain Logbo is clearly in the zone. Not only is he taking advantage of the massages on offer here at DTD, but he’s relaxing into the WPT-500 opening levels with aplomb. He just made a sensible well-processed call for a chunk to add to what is rapidly becoming a chip countain.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> We joined the action as Alain was faced with a bvoard of [JhJc4h7d8h], and he eventually called, showing [JdQh] after his opponent flipped [7s8c]. Figuring a flush draw wouldn’t have raised so high on the river, Alain paid the massage girl, loaded up some tunes and sits on triple average at 122,000 chips. Philip Gajic, The unfortunate raiser on the river who was called with a weak-looking two-pair, fiddles with around 10,700. &nbsp;<br /> <br /> Average stack is 39,485 with 135 players remaining. &nbsp;&nbsp;

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