Long Dac Nguyen chunks Nam Le

May 27, 2022

Flush over flush sends Nam Le’s chips down from over 100 bb to 23 bb. Five players build a pot of 3,800 and look down at a flop Club KClub 8Club 3. Three checks is followed by a 1,000 bet from Le, called by the small blind. Under the gun +1 Long Dac Nguyen raises to 3,300, Le calls, and small blind folds. On the turn Spade 9 Nguyen bets 7,600, Le tank calls. Then on the river Spade 6 both players are all in. 

Long Dac Nguyen Club AClub 6
Nam Le Club JClub 10

Long Dac Nguyen – 58,000
Nam Le – 6,600

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