Looking At The Stars

Nov 12, 2014

WPT 500 Day 1D When you’re in the gutter, it’s all about perspective, as the Wilde quote might claim. Well, in poker, you need to have the biggest amount of belief when things are going awry, and Luigi Sibilio is the walking, talking (OK, sitting, quipping) equivalent of this. 

Luigi shoved his last 5,200 over the top of Andy Duffy’s opening bet to 2,725 and Duffy was the only player to make the call. 

Andy: [AcQh] 
Luigi: [KsQd] 

Luigi never got up, didn’t even think of putting on his coat, and as the board played out [Js6sQs2cAs] he made the nut flush to double back up to 10,400. Duffy drops a little, but everyone at the table is enjoying the company of the friendliest player in the room. Luigi ha plans for his comeback. 

"I know Luigi Viscomi, who had the most yesterday." he says to us. Viscomi didn’t just crush yesterday’s Day 1C field, but has the overall chip lead by some distance, bagging up an eye-watering 522,000 last night.  

"I’ll have more than him by midnight!" the second Luigi remarks. 

We wouldn’t mind seeing the action around that happening. 

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