Louis Salter Survives the Nerves

Sep 8, 2014

We join the action on a board of [Ac] [Kd] [2h] [Qd] [2s] and Louis Salter has just rammed the river with an all-in bet of around 86,000. Thinking about his future, in this event, is Timur Margolin.

Salter explains…

“I opened the cutoff, the small blind peeled and the big blind {Margolin} called. I bet 12,500 on the flop and they both called. I bet 28,000 on the turn and only the big blind called. Then I shoved the river.”

Margolin has approx. 100,000 behind, so if he calls, and is wrong, he won’t be out, but he will be in dire straits.

After several minutes in the tank, Margolin folds.

“Show him the blockers.” Shouts Dimitri Kataev from the other side of the table.

Salter just laughs.

Salter ~ 200,000
Kataev ~ 100,000

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