Louis Up & Down

Nov 14, 2014

Leon Louis has an excellent record in poker, with several live and online wins. Oddly, compared to most in this cardroom, he’s a specialist at hyper turbo heads-up games at the virtual felt, so his biggest edge is only likely to come into play if he gets heads-up.  But can he get there? 

Leon raises 2,700 as we join the action after a flop of [7sTh5s]. Getting two callers, the turn of [4s] is checked by everyone, before the river of [7h] prompts a bet on 3,600 from Leon’s opponent. Leon calls, and is shown [JsJh]. Louis flips over [AdAc] to take down a nice pot. 

Just a few hands later, however, Leon was out, holding pocket tens on a board with three jacks on it. Not believing his opponent despite picking up a bit of a tell, Leon calls only to be shown [Js2s] for the quad jacks! 

Leon buys back in.  We’ve seen what the second bullet does for players here at the WPT500 – it’s called the Deadman factor! 

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