Lucky Lady On The River For Mark Davidoff

Feb 26, 2016

Mark Davidoff moves all in from under the gun for his last 33,300. A player in early position reshoves for 74,300 and the action folds to the small blind. The player in the small blind tanks for over three minutes before a clock is eventually called. The small blind eventually folds, the big blind quickly mucks his hand and the hands are revealed.

Davidoff: Heart QHeart 10
Opponent: Spade ADiamond K

They see a flop of Diamond 7Heart 3Diamond 9 and Davidoff will need some help to survive. The turn brings the Spade 7 and Davidoff will need a queen or a ten on the river. The Spade Q spikes on the river and Davidoff improves to a pair of queens earning him the pot and the double up.

Mark Davidoff- 73,500

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