Luke Brereton Eliminated by Cedric Adam

Nov 5, 2014

Justin Oliver raises to 1,600 in middle position, Luke Brereton calls from the hijack, Cedric Adam calls in the cutoff and the player in the big blind calls.

The flop falls [Qh6d2c] and action checks to Adam who bets 2,700. Only Brereton calls to see the [4d] turn where he check-calls 3,600. The [7d] river completes the board and Brereton checks again to Adam who bets 5,100. Brereton check-raises all in for about 19,500 and sends Adam into the tank for about two miutes before he calls.

Brereton shakes his head and shows [JcJd] for a pair of jacks, while Adam tables [7s6s] for two pair to score the knockout.

Cedric Adam – 70,000 (116 bb)
Luke Brereton – Eliminated

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