Luke Stewart Doubles Through George Psarras

Oct 6, 2019

George Psarras raises to 110,000 from under the gun and is called by Josh Emerton in the cutoff as well as Luke Stewart on the button.

All three players check the Heart 2Diamond JHeart 8 flop before the Diamond 5 falls on the turn.

Psarras bets 130,000. Emerton folds. Stewart calls.

The Diamond 4 completes the board and Psarras bets 340,000. Stewart thinks for a minute before announcing all in for 1,140,000. Psarras then takes a minute to decide his next move.

Psarras does call and confidently slams down Heart ADiamond 3 for a straight.

Stewart then casually rolls over Diamond QDiamond 8 for a flush and takes down the large pot.

Luke Stewart – 2,970,000
George Psarras – 1,750,000

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