Maggie Morris Sets Kline To The Rail

Feb 28, 2016

Maggie Morris
Former Parx champion Maggie Morris started this Day 2 session below the chip average and at a stacked table, competing against the likes of Jim Gilbert, Alex Queen and Justin Liberto, along with one of the big stacks in the room Brian Lee. Shortly after the restart, she’s now playing over that average number though, after sending Sean Kline to the rail in a blind versus blind encounter.

Action was picked up with the board showing Diamond AClub 9Club 6 and Kline, from the small blind, betting 10,000. Morris, in the big, clicked it back to 25,000 and with just under 100,000 left behind, Kline announced himself “all-in”.

Morris snap called and after Kline turned over Heart ADiamond J, she tabled Spade 9Diamond 9 for a flopped set. Kline was drawing thin and Morris asked the dealer for “no sweats”.

She didn’t get any, as the Club 4 fell on the turn and the Spade 6 completed the board and the elimination. Kline will hit the rail early in this opening Day 2 level while Morris is now playing just shy of 280,000.

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