Magic Fold by Jack Hardcastle

Jan 27, 2021

The live stream picks up after the break on the turn with 4.6 million in the middle and Heart 5Heart QHeart 9Spade A on show. Rayan Chamas check-calls a 3.1 million bet with Club 9Spade 7, a long way behind Jack Hardcastle’s Diamond AHeart J.

The river binks for Chamas and he goes for value, betting pot for 10 million. Despite two pair, jack kicker and a flush blocker, Hardcastle appears to smell a rat and snap-folds.

The decision gets universal acclaim from commentators Jeff Gross, Kristen Bicknell and Tony Dunst.

Jack Hardcastle – 130,545,156
Rayan Chamas – 47,054,844

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