"Making more hands over there?"

Jun 20, 2021

Doug Polk raises to 4,400 with Heart 8Spade 7 and Patrik Antonius calls with Heart QDiamond J. The flop brings Diamond 5Spade 8Diamond 9 and Antonius checks. Polk bets 4,400 and Antonius calls. The Diamond 10 on the turn is the perfect card for Antonius and he checks. Polk checks behind. Antonius bets out 17,600 on the Club 10 river that pairs the board.

“Making more hands over there?” Polk asks with a smile.

“Maybe,” Antonius replies with a smile of his own.

Polk folds. Antonius had lost the lead after some small pots, but now is back in the leading position – albeit only with slightly more chips than his opponent who’s sitting across from him.

Patrik Antonius – 101,200
Doug Polk – 98,800

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