Maksim Panyak and Dmitry Gromov Back to Starting Stacks

Jan 24, 2020


Both players started the day in a much better position but that has changed following the first two levels of the day.

Now, WPT Champions Club member Dmitry Gromov and Russian pro player Maksim Panyak are in a hand together on the Heart 8Club AHeart Q flop. Gromov is first to act, playing out of the hijack position and checks to Panyak who makes it 3,100 on the button. He calls.

The Heart 6 turn goes check-check and the Spade 7 comes on the river. Gromov leads for 5,700 and Panyak passes.

Dmitry Gromov – 39,500
Maksim Panyak – 41,100

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