Manig Loeser Out; Peralta Takes the Chip Lead

Jul 30, 2020

The action folds to Manig Loeser on the cutoff and he raises 240,000 with Spade JClub J. The viewers on the stream can see that the chips are almost certainly going in with Eugenio Peralta on the button with Spade AClub K in his hand.

Loeser jams his 2 million total stack and when Peralta calls, the two players off to the races. The runout comes Heart QSpade 10Club 7Heart KDiamond 5 and the German pro is out for $5,425, while Peralta is on the up.

The next hand Peralta takes the chip lead, after scooping a 7 million chip pot. The hand involved Sam Trickett who had trip jacks on the turn with ace-jack in the hole, while Peralta had hit broadway by the river in a heavily disguised hand.

Eugenio Peralta – 8.8 million
Sam Trickett – 8.1 million
Manig Loeser – Eliminated

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