Manish Lakhotia Eliminated in Third Place (INR2,520,000)

Nov 13, 2017

Manish Lakhotia

Arjun Arora raises to 250,000 preflop on the button, and Manish Lakhotia (pictured) calls on the big blind. The flop is dealt Spade JHeart 6Heart 3, Arora bets 175,000, and Lakhotia calls. The turn falls Spade 2, Arora bets 200,000, Lakhotia raises to 500,000, and Arora calls.

The river delivers the Diamond 2, Lakhotia bets 1,000,000, Arora raises all in, and Lakhotia calls all in. Lakhotia shows Club 5Club 4 for a turned straight, but Arora holds Heart JHeart 2 for a rivered full house. Lakhotia is eliminated in third place, good for INR2,520,000, and Arora will take 8.6 million into the heads-up final.

Arjun Arora – 8,600,000 (71 bb)
Manish Lakhotia – Eliminated in Third Place (INR2,520,000)

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