Marc Goeschel Takes From Michal Mrakes in Blind Wars

Jan 11, 2020

Michal Mrakes

Two players are in on the turn and Spade 4Club 5Heart QSpade 5 is on display.

Michal Mrakes and Marc Goeschel are in the small blind and Mrakes bets 8,500. Goeschel calls from the big blind position and there is already a big pot brewing.

On the Diamond 4 river, Mrakes checks (with 10,000 behind) and it’s a quick check back from Goeschel on the double-paired board.

Marc Goeschel: Club KHeart K
Michal Mrakes: Spade ADiamond 3

Pocket kings for Goeschel take it down, leaving Mrakes with only a third of starting stack.

Marc Goeschel – 50,000
Michal Mrakes – 10,000

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