Marcello Del Grosso Doubles Thru Thanh Phu

May 3, 2016

Marcello Delgrasso

Thanh Phu raises all in preflop and Marcello Del Grosso (pictured above) calls all in for 224,000 right behind him on the last hand of the level. The two players then table their hands.

Del Grosso: Heart QClub Q
Phu: Club AClub 10

Board: Club JDiamond 10Heart 2Spade 9Diamond 9

Del Grosso wins the hand to double up and survive with 485,000, and Phu is left with just 31,000 after the hand.

Marcello Del Grosso – 485,000 (30 bb)
Thanh Phu – 31,000 (1 bb)

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