Marco Johnson Goes Perfect Perfect

Aug 24, 2014

Ali Eslami and Marco Johnson get it all-in on a flop of [10c5c5h] for Johnson’s remaining 23,400 chips.

The situation looks pretty dire for Johnson, as he holds [Ac3c] for a flush draw, while Eslami has flopped a full house with [5d10d].

"I’m drawing dead," Johnson tells his opponent.

"Not dead," Eslami responds. "You have ou…well, you aren’t dead."

Eslami is referring to the fact that Johnson doesn’t really have outs, as he needs to hit either the [2c] or [4c] on the turn in order to pick up one out and be drawing live on the river.

The turn does bring what Johnson needs, the [2c], but he needs to hit the [4c] and only the [4c] on the river in order to complete his straight flush.

The river does bring the [4c] and the table erupts. Johnson’s face is in a state of shock, as he can’t believe he has won the hand.

"Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy," Eslami sincerely informs the table and the growing swarm of WPT cameras.

Marco Johnson – 62,000
Ali Eslami – 24,000

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