Marco Slacanac Benefits From Thomas Hofmann's Bluff

Jan 12, 2020

One player opens in front and Thomas Hofmann three-bets to 20,000. Marco Slacanac calls as does the other player. The flop comes Spade KDiamond 4Club 10 and Hofmann makes a continuation bet, which Slacanac calls.

The turn is the Club 4 and Hofmann (covering Slacanac) moves all in, which he snap-calls.

Marco Slacanac: Diamond KDiamond Q
Thomas Hofmann: Spade ADiamond 2

Hoffman doesn’t find one of his three outs on the X X turn and he counts out another 87,500 to hand over to Slacanac.

Marco Slacanac – 280,000
Thomas Hofmann – 147,000

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