Marcos Exterkotter vs. Upeshka De Silva

Apr 28, 2023

Upeshka DeSilva

Upeshka De Silva (pictured) opens to 2,700 from the cutoff and Marcos Exterkotter defends his big blind. 

The flop comes Heart 5Heart 2Club 2, Exterkotter checks and De Silva bets 1,800. Exterkotter calls.

Both players check the Spade 6 on the turn.

The river brings the Diamond 9, Exterkotter bets 1,500 and De Silva calls. 

Exterkotter turns over the winner, Spade AHeart Q and De Silva mucks. 

Marcos Exterkotter – 180,000 (150 bb)
Upeshka De Silva – 170,000 (142 bb)

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