Marder Picks Up Blades, Gets Back Over Century Mark

Feb 28, 2016

Michael Marder
Michael Marder was at the Day 1B feature table last night and in one of the last hands of the night, lost a huge pot to Joe ‘Black’ Reddick that dropped him down below the 100,000 chip mark. That hand has been played out in Marder’s head all night but he’s finally gotten some of those chips back late in Level 17.

Marder just picked up pocket aces and doubled through Moe Farah, with that action starting with Farah opening to 12,000 from middle position. The table then folded around to Marder, who was in the big blind, and he moved all-in for 58,000.

Farah looked at the short stack and then called, only to see Marder table Spade AClub A. Farah held Diamond KHeart J and after the Diamond 7Spade 4Heart 2 flop, he’d need running cards to score the knockout.

He got one of those, as the Heart K fell on the turn but after the Heart 9 completed the board, Marder was confirmed the double. When the dust settled, he’d be over the century mark for the first time in this Day 2 session, while Farah was cut down just below the quarter-million mark.

Michael Marder – 122,000
Moe Farah – 245,000

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