Marius Makes 'Em Pay

Nov 14, 2014

Marius Varanavicius and Carlos Barrera are two of players to call the 325 raise pre-flop. they see [8hJhKd] and Carlos  bets 1,100, getting a call from Marius. 

The turn of [3h] is checked by both Marius and Carlos, before the river [7d] prompts a lead fro Marius to 2,675. Carlos has a long think about it, but after a couple of minutes, slides the chips forward and makes the call. 

Marius turns over [Ah5h] fo the nut flush, and takes the pot. 

Meanwhile, Yucel ‘Mad Turk’ Eminoglu has arrived for what he calls his ‘last shot’. He’s bought in so many times that he has "…to win it to break even!" and asks the tournament director for a nice easy table to make Day 2 from. A table that will just give him chips. 

Albert Sapiano, who has recently sat down, pipes up from his table. 

"Come and sit over here, then!" 

Eminoglu looks encouraged. 

"Don’t get your hopes up…there are ten on the waiting list for this table already!" 

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