Markus Ross Doubles Through Serdar Saglum

Sep 9, 2014

Serdar Saglum opens to 27,000 from the button, Alexander Nudin calls from the small blind, as does Markus Ross in the big blind.

Flop: [8c] [5h] [2c]

The action checks through to Saglum, who bets 27,000; Nudin folds and Ross moves all-in for 185,000.

Saglum ponders before calling. It’s Ross who is at risk.

“How far am I ahead?” Asks Ross before catching a look at Saglum’s cards. “Very far.” Says Ross.


Ross: [5s] [5c]
Saglum: [Ad] [Qh]

There is no way out of this one for Saglum. The [6d] and [Tc] finish off the action; Ross moves up to 435,000, and Saglum is down to 310,000

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