Martin Zamani Doubles Then Eliminated

Feb 29, 2020

A short-stacked Martin Zamani is all in for about 3,000 from middle position against Craig Chait on his right.

Zamani shows Diamond 5Spade 5, leading Chait’s Heart AHeart 2.

The board runs out Club 8Club 5Spade 2Diamond 9Spade A, giving Zamani a set of fives to double up.

The following hand, Zamani is all in for about 6,500 with Spade ADiamond Q against an opponent with Heart KHeart Q.

However, the runout comes Club 9Heart 6Club JHeart 3Heart 2 to give Zamani’s opponent a flush to score the elimination.

Craig Chait – 35,000
Martin Zamani – Eliminated

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