Marty Gorenc Eliminated in 8th Place ($7,560)

Aug 28, 2017


Marty Gorenc (pictured) moves all in from middle position for 580,000 and Tony Piscitelli moves all in for about 1,300,000 out of the small blind. James Mitchell is in the big blind and goes into the tank for a couple minutes.

Gorenc calls the clock on Piscitelli, but the tournament director didn’t feel that Mitchell was given enough time to make his decision and doesn’t start the clock on Mitchell.

Mitchell takes another 30 seconds or so and then folds AsQc face-up. Piscitelli shows TdTc and is in good shape against Gorenc’s AdQh. The board comes 5s4s2h9h8d and Piscitelli wins the pot with a pair of tens to eliminate Gorenc in eighth place. Gorenc takes home $7,560 and Piscitelli moves into the chip lead.

Tony Piscitelli – 1,800,000
Marty Gorenc – Eliminated

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