Masato Yokosawa Bounces Back with a Double

Jan 27, 2024

Masato Yokosawa

Masato Yokosawa jams out of the small blind into the big blind of Toan Chan Truong, who calls with the Spade KSpade 7. Yokosawa is caught on a move with the Spade 10Diamond 5 and Truong hits a flush on the Heart QSpade QSpade JSpade 3Diamond 7 board.

Toan Chan Truong – 220,000 (20 bb)
Masato Yokosawa – 102,000 (10 bb)

Joshua Mccully then raises to 21,000 and Tony Dunst three-bets to 63,000. Yokosawa four-bets all-in for 102,000 and Motoyoshi Okamura reluctantly folds thereafter. Mccully folds and Yokosawa jokes “you can fold” to Dunst, who tosses in the extra chips.

Masato Yokosawa: Club AHeart A
Tony Dunst: Heart KClub Q

The Club 6Heart 4Club 2Diamond 3Club 7 board delivers no upset and Yokosawa doubles.

“I had pocket sixes,” Okamura mentions.

Masato Yokosawa – 260,000 (26 bb)
Tony Dunst – 1,100,000 (110 bb)
Joshua Mccully – 1,100,000 (110 bb)

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