Massive Three-Way Clash Vaults Yachou Into the Lead

Apr 16, 2018

On the three-way flop of Heart 8Diamond 7Diamond 4 the action checked to Ali Matin on the button and he bet 3,000. Farid Yachou called from early position and Kees van Brugge check-raised all in from the hijack. Matin asked for a count on the shove, which was for 34,400, and moved all in over the top. Almost immediately, Yachou asked for a count on Matin’s shove, who was all in for 54,900.

“I am going to do something really stupid,” Yachou said in table chat and called with the superior stack.

Kees van Brugge: Diamond AHeart A
Ali Matin: Club 10Heart 10
Farid Yachou: Diamond 3Diamond 2

The Heart 5 turn was a blank, but Yachou indeed got there with the Diamond J river to score a massive double knockout and skyrocket to more than 180,000.

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