Massoud Eskandari Doubles Thru Keven Stammen

Aug 28, 2014

Massoud Eskandari raises from the hijack to 52,000, and Keven Stammen tanks for a while before he calls from the cutoff.

The flop comes [AcQd10s], Eskandari bets 52,000, Stammen bets about 145,000, and Eskandari moves all in for 508,000.

Stammen calls with [AdQs] for top two pair, and Eskandari turns over [Qc10c] for bottom two pair. Eskandari needs to improve to stay alive.

The turn is the [9c], the river is the [Jc], and Eskandari catches a runner-runner club flush to win the pot and double up in chips — crippling Stammen in the process.

Massoud Eskandari  –  1,184,000  (49 bb)
Keven Stammen  –  100,000  (4 bb)

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