Massoud Eskandari Takes the Chip Lead

Aug 23, 2014

Kathy Liebert is all in after a flop of [Ad7d4d] with action on the side between Massoud Eskandari and another opponent. Eskandari bets about 14,000 and his opponent calls.

The turn is the [Jc] and Eskandari bets about 25,000 this time. His opponent calls again, resulting in the [Ah] river. Eskandari shoves for about 35,000 effective and his opponent quickly calls all in.

Eskandari tables [AcJs] for aces full of jacks, besting his opponent’s [7h7c] for sevens full of aces to win the sizable side pot, while Liebert mucked to give Eskandari the main pot.

Massoud Eskandari – 165,000 (330 bb)
Kathy Liebert – Eliminated

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