Massoud Eskandari vs. Gene OLeary

Aug 27, 2014

Huy Lam raises to 26,000 from middle position. Huy Le calls from the hijack, Massoud Eskandari calls on the button. Gene OLeary calls from the small blind and Harut Artyunyan calls from the big blind.

The flop falls [Js7h6h] and OLeary leads out for 90,000. Only Eskandari calls to see the [10s] turn where OLeary shoves for about 830,000 effective.

Eskandari tanks for about two minutes before he folds [5s4s] face up.

Gene OLeary – 1,300,000 (130 bb)
Massoud Eskandari – 830,000 (83 bb)

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