Mathyeu Provost Shoves the River on Stephane Nadot

Oct 29, 2019

Mathyeu Provost

Stephane Nadot raises to 750,000 from early position, Mathyeu Provost (pictured) calls from the cutoff, Tze Sheng Huang calls from the button, Shawn Buchanan calls from the small blind and Bradley Smith calls from the big blind.

The flop is Spade JDiamond 4Club 3 and action checks to Nadot who continues for 1,350,000. Only Provost calls.

The turn is the Spade 3, Nadot checks, Provost bets 1,500,000 and Nadot calls.

The river is the Club K, Nadot checks, Provost shoves for 4,500,000 and Nadot thinks for a bit before he folds.

Mathyeu Provost – 14,250,000
Stephane Nadot – 6,050,000

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