Matt Costanzo Sends Anna Antimony To The Rail

Feb 28, 2016

Matt Costanzo
Anna Antimony raises to 12,000 from early position and the action folds to the small blind. The player in the small blind reraises to 27,500. Matt Costanzo goes into the tank in the big blind before calling and Antimony makes the call. They go three handed to the Club ADiamond 10Diamond 3 flop and the small blind checks.

Costanzo bets 40,000 and Anna Antimony moves all in for her last 85,500. The small blind folds, Costanzo calls and the hands are shown.

Costanzo: Spade ASpade K
Antimony: Diamond ADiamond 9

Antimony is holding top pair as well as the nut flush draw and Costanzo will need to fade a nine or a diamond. The turn Heart 3 and river Club 7 are no help to Antimony. Costanzo scoops the pot and eliminates Antimony in process.

Matt Costanzo- 465,000

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