Matt Giannetti Out in 20th Place ($16,558)

Apr 15, 2013

Kevin Eyster raises to 26,000 from the cutoff and Matt Giannetti calls from the small blind.

The flop falls [Ks8h5c] and Giannetti check-calls 27,000 from Eyster to see the [5h] turn. Giannetti checks again to Eyster who bets 44,000. Another call from Giannetti lands the [4d] river, which he checks. Eyster moves all in for 349,000 effective, sending Giannetti deep into the tank.

After about 10 minutes Giannetti calls, but quickly mucks as Eyster tables [KcKh] for kings full of fives. Giannetti’s hand is shown to be [3s3d].

Kevin Eyster – 1,790,000 (149 bb)
Matt Giannetti – Out in 20th Place ($16,558)

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