Matt Glantz Eliminated by Randal Heeb in 11th Place ($28,400)

Oct 3, 2017

Randal Heeb had just lost a hand to Joshua Gordon, handing over the chip lead in the process. But he earned some chips back soon thereafter after eliminating Matt Glantz (pictured below) in 11th place.

In the hand Heeb opens for 60,000, then when it folds around to Glantz who pushes all in for about 550,000, Heeb calls. Glantz shows AhQd and has live overcards versus Heeb’s TcTs, but the board comes Kd8h6sKs5c and Glantz is out.

Joshua Gordon – 3,700,000
Randal Heeb – 3,550,000
Matt Glantz – Eliminated in 11th place ($28,400)

Matt Glantz

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