Matt Salsberg Eliminated

Sep 16, 2014

Matt Salsberg
Action folds to Season XI WPT Player of the Year Matt Salsberg (pictured), who raises to 11,000. Aaron Overton is in the small blind and three-bets to 30,500 total.  The player in the big blind eyes Salsberg’s stack, then four-bets to 73,000 total.

Salsberg takes just a few seconds before moving all-in for 85,000 total. Overton gets a count, thinks for a while, and eventually folds. The other player calls.

Salsberg turns over [KcKd]. His opponent shows [Ac8d].

The [Ad7s6c] is a bad one for Salsberg, as it leaves him drawing to a king in order to survive.  As the [9s] comes on the turn and the [4h] on the river, Salsberg turns to Overton and asks if he folded a big ace. Overton confirms he did.

With that, Salsberg is eliminated shortly before Day 2 bags and tags for the evening.

Matt Salsberg  –  Eliminated

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