Matthew Wantman Flips an Opponent to the Rail

Nov 24, 2023

Matthew Wantman
Photo:  WPT Champions Club Member Matthew Wantman

Matthew Wantman raises to 3,000 in early position before the button three-bets to 10,000. Wantman then moves all in and the button calls for his last 29,000.

All-In Player: Heart 9Diamond 9
Matthew Wantman: Spade AHeart K

Wantman hits two pair on the Diamond 2Heart ASpade 2 flop to take the lead, and the rest of the board comes Club 3Diamond 8 to earn him a knockout.

WPT Champions Club members Bin Weng and Frederic Normand are also at this table.

Matthew Wantman- 75,000 (50 bb)
Frederic Normand- 170,000 (113 bb)
Bin Weng- 80,000 (53 bb)

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