Matthew Waxman Does Not Get Any Headphones

Sep 16, 2014

WPT Champions Club member Matthew Waxman raises to 4,000 and WPT Champions Club member Will Failla reraises to 15,000 behind him.  Action gets back around to Waxman, who takes a little time before moving all-in, having Failla’s remaining 80,000 or so covered.

"Well I don’t have aces," Failla tells Waxman. Failla has more than just his chips at stake. As the official "Monster Masher", Failla has a bounty on his head every tournament, and the player who busts him gets a free pair of Monster headphones.

Waxman will not be getting those headphones just now though, as Failla folds, giving him the pot.

Matthew Waxman – 140,000
Will Failla – 80,000

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