Maxx Coleman Eliminated in 55th Place by Joe McKeehen

Feb 29, 2016

Joe McKeehen min-raises from the cutoff to 12,000, Maxx Coleman reraises from the small blind to bout 30,000, and McKeehen moves all in.

Coleman calls all in for about 187,000 with Spade AHeart Q, and he needs to improve to stay alive against the Heart 9Diamond 9 of McKeehen.

The board comes Spade 9Heart 8Spade 3Spade 5Heart 10 — McKeehen flops a set of nines, Coleman turns a spade flush draw, and the river is a blank. McKeehen wins the pot to eliminate Coleman from the tournament.

Joe McKeehen  –  475,000  (79 bb)
Maxx Coleman  –  Eliminated in 55th Place  ($18,240)

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