D8A_2503  One player who is bound to be one of the best players on his Day 1 is Leo McClean (pictured, centre). Leo finsihed 3rd in EPT London just over a year ago, and told us in the break how he has spent his year. 

"I bought a Sciroco GTS car, that was nice. It’s helped with my buy-ins and bankroll. It meant that I could play what I like and when." 

Sounds great. But as Leo continued, it’s not all flashbulbs and big purchases.  He’s had to be disciplined and continue to show the focus he did to get where he is, a professional player.

"It’s also been a rough year in some ways; you have to cope with bigger swings and bigger buy-ins. Overall, it’s been really good, though." 

Leo spent the break showing his friend Byron Sugars how to win at pool (!) in the exclusive partypoker lounge here at WPT500 Nottingham. With darts, food and drink, pool and a chillout area, it’s great for players to step away from the intensity at the table and relax. 

Leo’s made a decent start here on Day 1C, chipping up to 36,500. He, more than anyone here, know that in a huge field MTT, it’s a long road to the biggest prizes.  

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