McCulloch Back In It

Nov 9, 2014

Neil McCulloch has more patience than most at the poker table. He calls the pre-flop raise from David Barnes, sitting to Barnes’ left and enjoying rare position over the solid Londoner.

On a flop of [9d4d3h] Neil calls the bet of 4,000 from Barnes, with 10,000 now in the pot. Both players chck the turn of another diamond, and when the river comes what Neil calls ‘an absolute brick’, Barnes leads out 6,000. McCulloch raises to 17,000 and as a call would only leave him 10,000 behind (10 big blinds), Barnes shoves over the top. Neil calls it off.

David Barnes: [9s9h] 
Neil McCulloch: [AdTd] 

Neil jumps up to an average stacked 67,800, while Barnes heads for the door.  

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