Media Game.

Apr 24, 2006

A big thanks to Scott Ghertner, the Director of Sports & Promotions of MGM/MIRAGE, for putting together a great media game for all the media people covering the WPT World Championship. The event was held at the Grand Opening of the new poker room at Treasure Island .

The final three that finished in the money (promo money) were WPT’s Danger Dave, WPT’s BlogMaster Charlie and John Vorhaus of UltimateBet.

With the blinds at 1k-2k, The final hand of the game had Charlie raising to 4k and Vorhaus in the small blind going ALL-IN for the rest of his stack (1700 more). Charlie called. Vorhaus had won 3 previous ALL-INs.

Vorhaus showed [AsKs]
Charlie showed [Jd2d]

Flop came 9-J-Q; Charlie made a pair of Jacks.
Turn came [Ad]; Vorhaus took the lead on fourth street with a pair of Aces.
River came [Jc]; Charlie wins undeservedly on the river!

Vorhaus had won 3 previous ALL-INs against WPT media players.

After that amazing hand, the clock was ticking 3pm and the WPT World Championship started at 4pm…so a draw was called. Danger Dave and BlogMaster Charlie shared the title of Media Game Champion.

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