Men Nguyen on His Best Behavior; "Whatever He Says, I'm Okay"

Jul 25, 2018

Men Nguyen

The one-round penalty he received last level appears to have had a positive effect on Men Nguyen.

Nguyen was away from his seat when the deal began, and Gardens Casino has a first-card-off-the-deck rule, meaning if a player isn’t in their seat when the first card is dealt, their hand is dealt.

Nguyen arrived after his first card had been dealt but before his second card arrived, and he took his seat. The dealer didn’t kill Nguyen’s hand.

Before action reached Nguyen, a few players spoke up, saying Nguyen’s hand should be dead. Nguyen didn’t appear to be aware of the rule, so a few players mentioned it.

Tournament Director Cavin Quintanilla was nearby, and when he hears the issue he immediately instructs the dealer to kill Nguyen’s hand, and Nguyen lets it go without question.

Craig Varnell says, “Same thing happened to me earlier.” Nguyen throws up his hands and says, “I never said anything.”

Nguyen smiles and points to Quintanilla as he says, “Whatever he says, I’m okay.”

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