Micah Raskin Doubles Up Again

Sep 16, 2014

A short-stacked Micah Raskin is all in for 13,900 with [8h7h] against an opponent’s [KsKd].

"Can I have the all-in button?" asks Raskin. The dealer obliges and gives him the red all-in button.

"You have to wait for him to stand up, too," jokes tablemate Matt Glantz.

Raskin stands behind his chair before the dealer spreads a [Jh7c2h] flop, followed by the [8s] turn and [5h] river.

"See? You stand up and you hit both ways to win," says Glantz, referring to Raskin’s flush and two pair.

Micah Raskin – 30,000 (30 bb)

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