Michael Addamo Pulls the Trigger

Sep 24, 2020

Another huge hand is playing out. It began with a limp from Isaac Haxton on the button with Heart KHeart 2 and a call when Michael Addamo raised to 113,000.

The flop came Diamond ADiamond 9Heart J and Addamo c-bet 154,000, which Haxton called. Now the turn has come a Heart Q and it’s an action card with straight outs for Addamo and flush outs for Haxton. There is a 270,000 barrel and a call, before the final card out comes the Club Q.

Addamo has a 490,000 left and there is 1.1 million in the pot. He pulls the trigger and interestingly Haxton goes into the tank before deciding to let it go.

Michael Addamo – 1,600,000
Isaac Haxton – 2,400,000

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