Michael Kamran Wins a Nice Pot With J-6

Aug 26, 2014

After unknown preflop action between Michael Kamran (UTG+1) and a player in middle position, the middle position player has put out a raise to 44,000.

Kamran reraises to 84,000, and his opponent thinks for a bit before he calls.

The flop comes [Jd5h2c], and both players check. The turn is the [9h], Kamran bets 43,000, and his opponent calls.

The river card pairs the board with the [2h], and both players check. Kamran shows [Jc6c] for two pair, jacks and deuces, and his opponent mucks. Kamran takes the pot.

Michael Kamran  –  400,000  (133 bb)

Michael Kamran

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