Michael O'Sullivan Is Happy to Chop

Feb 20, 2020

Following a three-bet to 6,500 from Timo Kamphues in the cutoff, Michael O’Sullivan makes it 19,000 on the button and the action returns to his right-hand neighbor who moves all in, having O’Sullivan covered. O’Sullivan had started the hand with around 87,000 and he faces a tough decision. He tanks for over two minutes and eventually calls with Spade KClub K, learning that Kamphues also has Diamond KHeart K.

The Diamond 5Diamond 4Spade 2Club ADiamond 8 board seals the chop when the turn card hits the felt, and the large pot doesn’t provide any drastic chip-change.

“It’s a lot of chips,” Michael O’Sullivan smiles, explaining his long contemplation.

Timo Kamphues – 110,000
Michael O’Sullivan – 90,000

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