Michal Mrakes Eliminates One to Jump Near the Top of the Counts

Jan 12, 2020

Michal Mrakes

There is one limp and Eldaras Rafijevas moves all in for 96,000 on the button. He had made the same move from the small blind in the previous hand and Michal Mrakes had folded Club QClub 10.

This time though, Rafijevas would be going to showdown, with Mrakes calling from the small blind. The limper folded and they turned over their cards.

Michal Mrakes: Spade JClub J
Eldaras Rafijevas: Diamond 10Diamond 8

It was terrible news for Rafijevas who had no live cards and nothing untoward happened on the Spade 6Heart KSpade 5Diamond 9Spade K board. Mrakes is up with the best of them now.

Michal Mrakes – 595,000
Eldaras Rafijevas – eliminated

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