Mike "captainjax" Niceta Eliminated by GiveThePpl99

Dec 27, 2020

BorgataPoker Ambassador Katie “KatieStone” Stone opens from middle position and satellite winner Mike “captainjax” Niceta calls from the hijack. GiveThePpl99, who also qualified by winning a satellite event, raises to 72,000 from the small blind and both players call.

The flop comes Spade AHeart KDiamond 9, and GiveThePpl99 leads out 72,000. Stone calls and Niceta raises to 201,000.

GiveThePpl99 thinks shortly then moves all in for 939,000 covering both of their opponents. Stone waits a while before laying it down.

Niceta calls with Heart ASpade Q and needs to improve against GiveThePpl99’s Club ADiamond K.

The board comes Club 9, Diamond 7 and GiveThePpl99’s two-pair holds to eliminate Niceta.

GiveThePpl99 – 2,020,000 (289 bb)
KatieStone – 905,000 (129 bb)
captainjax – Eliminated

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