Mike Del Vecchio Slips

Dec 15, 2021

Anton Wigg raises to 1,300 from middle position, Amnon Filippi calls from the hijack and WPT Champions Club member Mike Del Vecchio calls from the cutoff. The player on the button three-bets to 5,200 and Del Vecchio is the lone caller.

They check to the turn of a Club 6Club 5Heart 4Diamond 10 board where Del Vecchio bets 10,800. His opponent calls.

The river is the Spade J, Del Vecchio checks and his opponent bets 10,000.

Del Vecchio tanks for a while before he calls, but mucks when his opponent tables Club QHeart Q for a pair of queens.

Mike Del Vecchio  –  53,000  (106 bb)

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