Mike Eskandari Eliminated by Aaron Thivyanathan

Jul 10, 2021

Aaron Thivyanathan
Photo:  Aaron Thivyanathan

After a flop of Diamond 10Club 9Heart 8, Aaron Thivyanathan checks from middle position, Mike Eskandari bets about 20,000 from the button, and Thivyanathan check-raises all in.

Eskandari calls all in for about 64,000 with Diamond JHeart 10 for a pair of tens with an open-ended straight draw, but Thivyanathan turns over Spade 9Heart 9 for a set of nines. Eskandari needs to improve to stay alive.

The turn card is the Heart 6, the river card is the Heart 4, and the set of nines hold up for Thivyanathan to win the pot and eliminate Eskandari from Day 1B.

Aaron Thivyanathan  –  250,000  (100 bb)
Mike Eskandari  –  Eliminated

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