Mike Eskandari Triples Up

Jul 12, 2021

Mike Eskandari

A player raises UTG+1 to 18,000, Kevin Wang calls from middle position, and Mike Eskandari moves all in from the cutoff for 78,000. The UTG+1 player tanks for a while before moving all in over the top for about 300,000, and Wang tanks for a while before he calls all in for about 131,000.

Here are their cards in descending order of chip counts:

UTG+1:  Heart 8Club 8
Kevin Wang:  Heart 3Club 3
Mike Eskandari:  Spade AHeart A

The board comes Club KHeart JClub 10Spade KSpade J, and the pocket aces hold up for Eskandari to win the main pot and triple up in chips. For the side pot, the two pair on the board — kings and jacks — counterfeit their pairs, and the ten on the board provides kicker protection. The side pot is chopped between Wang and the third player.

Mike Eskandari  –  176,000  (22 bb)
Kevin Wang  –  53,000  (7 bb)

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